Backhaus Brown & Egevaerk | Spyd

  • Artist: Backhaus Brown & Egevaerk
  • Title: Spyd
  • Year: 2018
  • Dimensions: 28.3″ Long
  • Material/Process: Wood & Glass
  • Origin: Denmark
  • SPYD – ‘Spear‘. Odin’s Gungner is the most famous spear of Norse mythology. Gungner was forged by the two dwarfs Brok and Sindre, and could penetrate all things. Odin could sentence his enemies on any battlefield to death by throwing Gungner over their heads. On the battlefield, Odin was assisted by valkyries and they were also portrayed as spearwomen, for instance in the poem The Valkyrie Song – also known as The Spear Song. Artists: Nanna Backhaus Brown, Andrew Brown, Mette Bentzen, Lasse Kristensen