Backhaus Brown & Egevaerk | Beovulf

  • Artist: Backhaus Brown & Egevaerk
  • Title: Beovulf
  • Year: 2019
  • Dimensions: 31.5″ Long
  • Material/Process: Fumed Oak & Glass
  • Origin: Denmark
  • BEOVULF – a hero of the ’geat people’ famous for his participation in a great, mythical battle in Scandinavia. Beovulf helps the Danish King Hroðgar out after his royal mansion has been attacked by the monster, Grendel, several times. After Beovulf has slain the monster, Grendel’s mother attacks the mansion, but Beovulf also manages to defeat her. Victorious, Beovulf returns to his native Geatland in Sweden, and is subsequently appointed as the king of the region. Artists: Nanna Backhaus Brown, Andrew Brown, Mette Bentzen, Lasse Kristensen